Irisity secures renewal and expansion of UK perimeter security contract

Irisity secures renewal

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Irisity has announced the renewal and expansion of a perimeter security contract with a UK based home appliance manufacturer.

This marks the fourth year of the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) contract, showcasing the ongoing partnership between Irisity and a UK based integration ally in delivering perimeter security solutions.

Commencing in November 2020 with yearly renewals, the contract has evolved from an initial deployment of six cameras to a robust network of 661 cameras by December 2023.

Irisity’s software

Leveraging IRIS+ enterprise as a service, integrated with the Milestone XProtect video management system, the project spans various locations, including commercial offices, stores, logistics centres and private residences.

The expansion and management of this deployment have been conducted in collaboration with Inivatech.

Andrew Adams, Director, Inivatech commented: “Irisity’s software has the ability to take video from existing cameras and add AI-based perimeter intrusion detection in real time, delivering accurate alerts on people moving in an area.”

“Threat detection”

The extensive setup includes monitoring multiple cameras centralised at a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

The IRIS+ AI Open Platform, a key component of this system, effectively minimises false positive security events, particularly those triggered by animals within the secured perimeter.

Equipped with the capability to differentiate between animals and people using thermal or standard CCTV cameras, the system enables security operators to focus on and respond to genuine security concerns.

Raziel Bareket, Chief Operating Officer, Irisity added: “This collaboration supports Irisity’s AI Open Platform continuing to reliably provide enhanced threat detection, intelligence, centralised control and operational efficiency while reducing storage, computing and energy costs.”

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