SSH implements iLOQ’s digital smart locking solution


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SSH, a prominent housing association for student accommodation, has chosen iLOQ’s smart digital access management to modernise key management practices.

This initiative is initially being implemented in Rotterdam, Netherlands where traditional key management is being replaced by iLOQ’s innovative keyless technology.

iLOQ’s keyless technology

As part of this collaboration, SSH has seamlessly integrated the entire digital key system into its customer portal, streamlining key management processes and enhancing system efficiency and security.

The company‘s solution enables access rights to be transmitted to an app on the student’s smartphone, transforming their phone into a mobile key.

This implementation empowers students with self sufficiency, eliminating the constraints of traditional check-in and check-out times.

It provides students with greater flexibility and convenience, offering full control over access to their residences.

An interesting aspect of this advancement is the capability for students to easily share a mobile key with neighbours or friends.

This not only promotes a sense of community but also ensures secure and user-friendly sharing of access to homes.

A safe and flexible living environment

SSH aspires to expedite the transition to keyless residences and intends to deploy these modern access solutions in more residences.

According to the company, the goal is not only to simplify key management but also to contribute to a safer and more flexible living environment for students.

The decision by SSH to adopt iLOQ’s smart digital access management reflects a significant shift in the approach to key management within the student housing sector.

The emphasis is on leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the overall student experience.

The installation, programming and maintenance of the system are handled by the partner, ISERO, underscoring the essential collaboration between SSH, ISERO and iLOQ for the successful implementation of the project.

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