Ipsotek and UTI CFM secure contracts for Romanian airports


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Ipsotek, a business under Eviden and a prominent provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions globally, discloses three contracts for the implementation of advanced technology at Cluj, Sibiu and Satu Mare airports in Romania.

Awarded through partner UTI Construction and Facility Management (UTI CFM), Ipsotek will deliver state-of-the-art video analytics systems for enhanced safety, security and operational efficiency.

UTI CFM and Ipsotek have successfully collaborated on multiple projects, including their joint work at Bucharest Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport in 2020.

Stephen Papaloizou, Account Manager for the UK & Europe, Ipsotek commented: “These new projects set significant benchmarks for security, safety and operational excellence in Romanian airports.”

Revolutionising security and operations

Planned deployments at Cluj, Sibiu and Satu Mare airports will revolutionise security and operational processes, addressing needs like detecting abandoned luggage and unauthorised vehicle entry, utilising Ipsotek’s patented Scenario Based Rule Engine for tailored video analytics solutions.

UTI CFM has become a key provider of specialised solutions for civil and critical infrastructure objectives, particularly in airport system installation and integration in Romania.

Tudor Radulescu, Technical Director, UTI CFM stated that: “Our partnership with Ipsotek has generated cutting-edge security solutions that Romanian airports needed.”

Ipsotek and UTI CFM pledge close collaboration with airport authorities to ensure seamless integration, customisation and support during the deployment process, expected later in 2024, with each contract reinforcing Ipsotek’s track record of over 140 airport deployments worldwide.


Ipsotek, an Eviden company, pioneers AI-powered video analytics solutions for critical applications, offering the VISuite AI platform for real-time alert management across various use cases.

With over 25 years of experience, Ipsotek’s patented solutions enhance safety and efficiency in dynamic environments by making video searchable and actionable.


UTI construction and facility management, a provider of built infrastructure solutions, operates nationwide with on-site and mobile teams.

Specialising in diverse environments, UTI excels in complex airport solutions, leading with 20 turnkey projects in Romania and Bulgaria, including terminals, airfield lighting and scanning systems.

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