Ipsotek and Atos partner with Emaar during the 2021 Dubai New Year’s Eve celebration

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Ipsotek, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) powered video analytics, has announced that it was recently appointed to provide analytics solutions to support the operations during the most prestigious celebration event in the UAE with Emaar at Downtown.

Ipsotek’s highly scalable VISuite AI system was selected and approved by Emaar, the master developer of the Burj Khalifa and one of the largest real estate companies in the world, to improve security, safety and operations at the most iconic business and hospitality hub in the world, as well as to provide crucial business intelligence.

The platform is powered by Atos’ BullSequana Edge, with a versatile NVIDIA GPU-enabled, deep learning engine that supports highly customised object classification and detection capabilities, offering an extremely reliable method for monitoring the crowd level at multiple critical areas in real-time.

The technology also enables users to manage crowds efficiently and accurately at different areas to maintain the safety of visitors and automatically generate real-time alerts, resulting in reduced operator response times. It is optimised for use in busy and security-sensitive scenarios where the highest level of accuracy is required.

Sophiene Ben Marzouk, Ipsotek Sales Manager for the UAE, said: “We are very proud and honoured to have been chosen by Emaar to support them during the 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration. Our AI-based solution enables operators to continuously monitor complex environments in real-time, significantly increasing the security and safety of critical sites. This project marks an important milestone in the long-term relationship we have had with Emaar for many years. We would like to thank Emaar for their continued trust and support and look forward to continuing our successful partnership moving forward.”

Salem Alblooshi, from Emaar Security group, said: “Ipsotek provided full support during the New Year’s Eve event in cooperation with Emaar Security Group by applying the latest methods of artificial intelligence, which in turn helped the success of the event. Emaar Security group acknowledge the efforts made by Ipsotek during the most prestigious celebration event in Emaar and in the UAE where Ipsotek has provided a high performance of carrying out this activity which led to its success.”

Marc Veelenturf, the Head of Atos Middle East, said: “We are delighted to be associated with Emaar by delivering Atos’ unique edge computing product, the BullSequana Edge, which empowers the business to take full advantage of the data deluge. Combining the capabilities of our partner Ipsotek with our expertise and our Edge platform, we were able to provide Emaar with a higher percentage of accuracy for its advanced analytics requirements. We are proud to become part of Emaar’s ecosystem and support them with their cutting-edge solutions.”

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