WatchKeeper launches a new unified situational awareness platform

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WatchKeeper has announced the launch of its new unified situational awareness platform for security teams and risk managers who monitor and respond to physical security threats at scale.

At the core of WatchKeeper’s platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate an organisation’s disparate internal data or systems, alongside real-time natural disasters and violent feeds on a single intuitive mapping display. Clients are alerted in real-time to adverse events which are in close proximity to their organisation’s assets, employees or critical business functions. This data-driven approach allows security teams to have access to all the critical information they need to proactively manage risk before, during and after a catastrophic event.

WatchKeeper is an essential tool for security teams that need to filter the noise of world events to those that matter for their organisation and rapidly respond to incidents. WatchKeeper’s platform identifies relevant security incidents out of two million data points a month and provides integrated functionality to facilitate coordinated action and response. Aimed at increasing efficiency and return on investment for security teams, WatchKeeper offers a highly agile product for any sized security team. WatchKeeper’s flexibly tailored platform built with modern and scalable technology also makes it a uniquely cost-effective solution for a range of security budgets.

WatchKeeper has a proven track record in adding value for:

● Small corporate security teams who do not have the budget to deploy multiple resources to monitor and respond to global security incidents;

● Global Security Operations Centres (GSOC) who need to manage risks at scale;

● Threat Intelligence Analysts who need to track risk trends and identify geographies of concern;

● On-the-ground security managers who need to seamlessly communicate with centralised crisis management teams whilst managing risk events;

● And Chief Security Officers who need to brief senior executives on the potential impact to employee life-safety or critical business operations.

Apart from the continued public safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, risk events such as severe weather, civil unrest, terrorism and violent crime are projected to increase in frequency and severity as pre-pandemic life resumes. WatchKeeper’s platform offers security teams a complete end-to-end crisis management solution to identify and mitigate these threats.

Large organisations, including Fortune 500 companies, are using WatchKeeper to ensure business continuity and the safety of their people and assets. By fusing incident management tools directly into its real-time risk platform, WatchKeeper removes the need for several disparate systems and allows security teams to rapidly identify and assess threats and automate mitigating actions, all on a single pane of glass.

WatchKeeper further supports security and risk teams through the availability of numerous useful features including:

● Visualising physical security threats and client assets simultaneously on WatchKeeper’s dynamic mapping technology;

● Allowing for fully customised monitoring of risk events at global, regional, country or hyper-local levels with WatchKeeper’s sequential alerts engine;

● Managing incidents end-to-end with team collaboration, standard operating procedures, automated reporting and after-action reviews;

● Ensuring senior executives are kept informed with WatchKeeper’s intuitive briefing mode.

WatchKeeper leverages the latest geospatial technologies, secure cloud-based SaaS infrastructure and risk data providers to provide a simple and efficient situational awareness solution.

As a testament to its commitment to security and compliance, WatchKeeper has been approved as an official supplier to the UK Government on the G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace, is certified GDPR Ready by IASME and has successfully completed an external security test by a UK-government approved CHECK provider.

WatchKeeper is also affiliated with several UK government-backed initiatives including the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Accelerator (part of GCHQ), Geovation and London & Partners and to have the support of high profile VCs and Angel investors.

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