IONODES CitySafe launches at ISC West


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At ISC West 2024, IONODES, a provider of connected IoT video solutions, unveiled IONODES CitySafe, a platform to securely share video with RTCCs using Genetec Security Center, and other community partners for safer, more prosperous communities.

Featuring integration with Genetec Security Center, IONODES CitySafe provides instant access to live and recorded video from any connected IP camera, from any connected remote site. The solution brings together disparate video surveillance systems to provide secure, comprehensive video monitoring and response capabilities from a single pane of glass.

IONODES CitySafe comes with multiple benefits

With IONODES CitySafe, retailers, enterprises and educational institutions can share live and recorded streams with law enforcement to reduce incident response times, streamline threat identification, deter crime, and aid prosecutions.

“For urban centers to thrive and meet community needs, an environment of safety and security is essential,” said Eric Tasso, president and CEO of IONODES. “IONODES CitySafe was designed to facilitate easy public-private collaboration and empower business owners, cities and law enforcement alike to gain instant situational awareness, detect and deter crime, and strengthen community relationships.”

The open-platform solution requires an IONODES PERCEPT Gateway, a compact, encrypted onsite edge appliance that connects to local ONVIF cameras in a few short steps, without the need for an onsite IT specialist. Secure remote access to PERCEPT Gateways is provided by PERCEPT Cloud, a cloud-based device and video routing platform. No video is stored in the cloud. A plug-in provides native support for Genetec Security Center, enabling law enforcement users to ingest IONODES live and recorded streams to further support monitoring by officers trained on Security Desk and Citigraf.

“Whether for a single retail location or across multiple remote sites in enterprise or public safety, IONODES CitySafe will provide additional video context to Genetec Security Center users,” said Christian Chenard-Lemire, Product Group Director – Security Center Unification, at Genetec.

IONODES CitySafe features built-in LTE for always-on connectivity, high-quality, low-latency video, multiple-day onsite recording, and geomapping for simplified incident management. The integrated, all-in-one solution package comes with everything needed for deployment and operation for three years.

IONODES CitySafe can be used as a standalone system to remotely access, view and share live and recorded video.

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