Healix launches Risk and Security Advisory Board

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International healthcare and risk management services business Healix has brought together a panel of five leading security voices to form the Healix Risk and Security Advisory Board. 

Drawing on experience in hostage negotiation, international diplomacy, intelligence, policy and research from the likes of NATO, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the US Government, Board members will bring a new dimension to crisis management and decision making in complex and volatile environments.

Healix says board enhances “capability to respond to more complex events”

James Henderson, CEO of Healix International, explained: “The Board will enhance our capability to respond to more complex events, notably in challenging environments where the conditions are ever changing, and significant operational obstructions have emerged. 

“This is the space we operate in – when things fall apart and when the ‘easy’ suddenly becomes difficult. In these circumstances, a key skill is identifying how we can accelerate decisions in favour of our operations. The Board, and their impressive wider network, provides our clients with access to people who hold the keys and can make a difference during a crisis.”

Members of the Board include some of the most experienced and highly regarded specialists in the UK across academia, security, political risk, and intelligence: 

General Sir Richard Shirreff, KCB, CBE – Strategic Advisor, Security – an accomplished leader in military strategy and security risk management.  

Ambassador Ivo Daalder – Strategic Advisor, Political Risk – a leading figure in international affairs, geopolitics, and geo-economics, with an extensive career in US politics and diplomacy.  

Dr Catherine Fieschi – Strategic Advisor, Socio-Economic Affairs – a well-knownacademic and analyst in politics, specialising in the emergence of populism and authoritarianism within advanced democracies, and their impact on policymaking and market stability.  

Sue Williams QPM – Strategic Advisor, Special Risks & Crisis Management – a well-respected hostage negotiator with over 30 years of experience working on some of the highest profile and dangerous hostage situations across the world.  

Dr John Lewis – Strategic Advisor, Intelligence & Investigations a highly experienced UK diplomat with decades of experience in the policy stream of the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and extensive operational and cultural experience across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. 

Four of the five Board members are from Healix’s partner Strategia Worldwide, reflecting the close and mutually beneficial relationship they have in place.

Panel lead, General Sir Richard Shirreff, KCB, CBE, added: “Our combined experience as a Board, whether that’s time spent running military operations, negotiating hostage release, or advising on how to respond in a crisis situation, all plays to what Healix does for clients. 

“We bring not only lived experience, but a new set of perspectives on risk, from across a number of sectors and environments. 

“Our aims are clear – we are here to support Healix in delivering the best possible service to clients. We do this through leadership, supporting operations, opening up our own networks and helping to mentor and bring on the next generation of security and risk professionals at Healix.” 

David Geddes, Director of Security Services, Healix International shared, “Our people work in some of the most volatile regions across the globe to protect the security and wellbeing of our clients. The situation is often complex and fast-moving. Being able to draw on the experience and wider networks of the panel, will support how we, elevate responsiveness and our ability to make a difference during a crisis.”  

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