Intersec’s Threat Talks webinar series gets underway

Threat Talks

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The first episode of Intersec’s Threat Talks webinar series took place on Wednesday 30 June. Provided in partnership with The Security Institute, the series will focus each month on different associated threats & intelligence in the Middle Eastern region.

The first webinar episode addressed the challenging environment Middle East businesses currently face. With the disruption of political instability across the wider Gulf region, industry experts discussed where the conflicts lie and what the potential resolutions are.

The subject matter experts taking part in this first session were:

  • Rick Mounfield, CEO of The Security Institute
  • Peter O’Connell, Chair of The Security Institute Middle East Members Group
  • Nigel Lea, Security Institute member
  • Aveen Karim, Security Institute member
  • Francesco Calzoni, Security Institute member
  • Alexandria Robinson, Show Director, Intersec

The episode also shed light on how media reporting and personal perception often plays a part in instigating such conflict. The agenda touched on threats posed across the region that not only affect organisations and businesses but families and individuals alike. Whether it be corruption, organised crime, human trafficking, credit card fraud or how we protect children in the ‘Social’ zone.

Threat Talks

If you missed the live session, a recorded version can be viewed on the link here

For more information on the Threat Talks series, please click here

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