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INTERPOL launches framework for drone incident response


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INTERPOL has launched its brand new framework for responding to a hostile drone incident.

It comes as INTERPOL recognises drone usage increases both commercially and recreationally but also for criminal purposes in some cases.

As part of the document’s foreword, INTERPOL’s Secretary General, Jürgen Stock, explained the process behind putting the plan together.

He explained: “Drones are becoming less expensive while the technology behind them continues to develop rapidly. As such, we are seeing an increase in their use not only recreationally and commercially but also for criminal purposes.

“Inevitably, this has given rise to serious challenges for the law enforcement community globally. Drones have become a permanent fixture in the current policing operating environment and one that can only grow in scale and impact in the future.”

He continued: “However, many law enforcement officers still lack awareness and understanding of drone technologies. Drones pose a significant threat to public safety and security if abused. It is therefore crucial that officers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to respond to drone incidents safely and effectively.”

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