Intelligent monitoring system boosts security in Argentina

Intelligent monitoring system

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A city in South America has deployed a 114-camera intelligent monitoring system from Dahua.

Jesús María, Argentina has invested in the technology to provide safety to residents and to support security and emergency assistance departments.

Intelligent monitoring system deployed

The city of Jesús María, which is located in the Cordoba Province, required an intelligent monitoring system to improve traffic flows and help emergency services through heavy traffic.

The system had to ensure safe transit without obstacles and an immediate arrival when needed.

Dahua’s DSS PRO video management software was a key factor that led to the selection of the solution.

Installed around the city’s infrastructure, AI cameras are monitored in a state-of-the-art control centre.

Dahua equipment installed includes 8-port PoE switches, 4MP Lite IR varifocal bullet cameras, 2MP IR varifocal bullet cameras and 4MP ANPR cameras.

Moreover, a network/control/dome keyboard and joystick, 64-channel 8HDD WizMind NVRs and 22-inch industrial grade LCD monitors have been utilised.

1-ISJ- Intelligent monitoring system boosts security in Argentina
Cameras are monitored from a state-of-the-art control centre

From traffic analysis to analog PTZ cameras

“The main challenge was to find the right solution and products so that the different municipal departments could benefit from the implementation of the monitoring center,” commented Marcos Romero, Dahua, Argentina.

“There were some very long meetings at which all of the AI solutions were presented, including how to apply them correctly to the way the city operates and how to correct or modify aspects so that the work of all organisations flowed successfully.

“This ranged from cameras with traffic analysis capabilities, to existing analog PTZ and zoom cameras – all to ensure everything worked correctly with the operational software.

“Since the implementation of the monitoring centre, work between the security departments and relevant transportation departments has improved markedly.

“The implementation of Dahua’s intelligent solution is reported to have led to an increase in commercial activity and people in the city as well as the improved efficiency of the emergency services.

Enhanced efficiency and safety

By implementing this unique, powerful solution, the ‘safe corridors’ in Jesús María have created myriad benefits for the city and its residents.

Not only has transport safety been enhanced, emergency responders are now alerted rapidly.

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