US cannabis facility utilises Net2 access control system

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A major cannabis site in Michigan, US has installed the Net2 access control system from Paxton.

Highlands Grow, a licensed producer of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, provides its products to US-based retailers and projects.

Cultivating a high volume of produce at a high market value, an advanced system is required by Michigan state law to ensure that effective security measures are in place.

Access control system enhances security

In the past, the Highlands Grow facility was secured by traditional locks and keys.

Not only did this mean the facility was vulnerable to security risks, it meant that it would not meet the legal requirements to secure the higher volume of product they planned on producing.

After consulting with Existo Solutions, the company recommended Paxton’s Net2 access control system.

“Using Net2 is very smooth”

For the system to meet legal requirements, cameras needed to be integrated alongside remote alerts.

At the Highlands Grow facility, this meant monitoring 50 cameras while securing 21 doors – the system was integrated with VIVOTEK cameras, ensuring 24/7 monitoring efficiency.

Matt Saagman, Director of Cultivation, Highlands Grow said: “Using Net2 is very smooth.

“Once I started using the Paxton Connect app, it has been a breeze. Almost too easy.

“As we expand out our facility, we plan to keep building on the current system and we are interested in seeing what else it can do as we grow.”

To find out more about Net2, visit Paxton’s website.

Paxton Access Ltd

Paxton has nearly 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing leading security solutions, such as the Net2 access control system, for a range of buildings and sectors.

Its products harness the latest technology to provide powerful, yet easy-to-install and use solutions.

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