iLOQ and EMKA partnership enables further innovation


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EMKA – a market leader for locks, latches, hinges and seals used in switch and control cabinets – and iLOQ have recently partnered to develop a smart and secure access management solution for swing handles used with outdoor housings and telecommunications cabinets.

Frequently found in remote locations, internet access to these sites is rare and a battery-operated outdoor solution is impractical as the maintenance needed to change batteries can be time consuming and expensive.

The ideal solution was found with the iLOQ S50 half cylinder lock that is fully integrated into the swing handle.

The lock is opened using the power from an NFC-enabled smartphone, making it a battery-free solution. Access rights to open the lock are sent to an app running on a smartphone. They can be updated and cancelled remotely and in real time.

This keyless solution eliminates the risks related to lost or stolen physical keys, provides optimal protection against weather conditions and vandalism and ensures that only the right people have access to the right sites at the right time.

The solution maximises security while enabling keyless access even in the most remote locations; the time and environmental impact of travelling between administration offices and sites to pick up and return keys has been eliminated.

And, with no batteries to be changed, there’s never a risk of not being able to access the sites and no unrecyclable battery waste to be handled.

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