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Leadership - Videonetics - business update

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International Security Journal catches up with Avinash Trivedi, VP – Business Development, Videonetics.

Can you tell us more about the history of Videonetics?

Videonetics was established in 2008, with a goal to develop a comprehensive Unified Video Computing Platform that shall redefine surveillance and security industry of tomorrow. We have been at the forefront of innovation, indigenisation, leadership and excellence, with our unique product mix of AI and DL powered solutions that are touching the lives of millions of people every day.

We have been able to capture and retain the biggest market share in India for years now. We have also been ranked amongst the top five VMS brands in Asia for the last few years.

Throughout the 14 years of our journey, we have differentiated ourselves as a ‘Truly Open & Unified Platform’, enabling greater interoperability between all our products, maximising usage of the infrastructure, seamless scalability, integrations with third party devices and much more.

Our technology foundation is aided with a rich and ever-growing intellectual property portfolio spanning multiple patents granted in countries like the US, the UK, Israel, Singapore, Canada, India and bestowed with numerous accolades and awards at various technological and consulting forums across the globe.

Ours is an open and flexible platform that has an enviable list of differentiators. Our solutions are: OS, browser and database agnostic; hardware agnostic; scalable and interoperable; ONVIF compliant – S, T, G, M; ONNX support; cloud-ready; integrated yet modular; OpenAPI v3.x.x compliant.

As we speak, Videonetics has secured 145+ cities, 80+ airports and 100+ enterprises with our AI & DL powered video management solutions encompassing Intelligent VMS, video analytics, intelligent traffic management system, facial recognition system and video computing platform as a service.

At Videonetics, we place cybersecurity at the heart of our innovations and strive to keep operations protected from cyber-threats. It is our responsibility to mitigate the risk and keep our partners and customers updated with recent advisories through software updates. We always adopt a holistic philosophy: Secured development, secured deployment, operational endurance and rapid response to any cyber vulnerabilities.

Why is the timing of this rebrand so important?

We have refreshed our brand personality including a bold, intriguing and dynamic brandmark that impersonates our deep-rooted ideology of creating unique and transformational technologies.

We have always believed in creating category-bending, envelope pushing and new generation security paradigms. Our new brandmark signifies Movement. Movement towards new discoveries and imagination. The lateral ‘V’ in our new logo stands to demonstrate that our exploration never ceases; we are a brand with leadership, ambition and heart.

The new logo signifies that Videonetics is the place where big, transformative technology is born and the best science is applied to security thinking.

The brand transformation embodies our focus on innovation, commitment to solving real world problems and serving our customers in meeting their global and diverse demands. We have also embarked on establishing our leadership footprints around the world by setting up business entities in key markets as we go along.

How does Videonetics enable users to make well-informed decisions?

We have truly come a long way. We work at the intersection of progressive strategy, creative vision, and transformational technology.

With the evolution of our brand personality and identity, we seek to stimulate our ‘Customer First’ culture, product platforms, our vision and our promise for excellence. We are gearing ourselves to create new value streams and deliver beyond the expectations of all our partners and customers.

At Videonetics, we have built a strong foundation of providing AI-powered products to our customers that empowers them with enhanced situational awareness, turning video data into actionable insights, simplifying the response coordination between stakeholders, speeding up incident resolution while reducing total cost of ownership.

Furthermore, our solutions empower stakeholders with new levels of visualisation and incident management and enable them to see everything at a glance, prepare them for the unexpected and make informed decisions.

Why is the phrase, ‘Look Deeper’, so important to Videonetics?

The new positioning, ‘Look Deeper’ exemplifies our prowess to anticipate changes impacting our customers and meet their requirements with our AI and deep learning-powered, custom built solutions.

It also signifies that we are seeking to develop deeper relationships with our partners, eco-system players and customers, therefore, aiming to build a better and safer world.

We ‘Look Deeper’ because we seek to change the conversation about surveillance and security and enable people to use technology, data and information to think in new ways. We ‘Look Deeper’ because we put to use facts and scientifically validated proof-points, embracing new learnings every day.

This article ‘Leadership, ambition and heart was originally published in the January 2023 edition of International Security Journal. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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