IDIS demonstrates strength of video technology cybersecurity

IDIS at EES+ - cybersecurity of surveillance

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The cybersecurity of video technology from IDIS was put to the test in a public demonstration of ethical hacking attempts at the ESS+ International Security Trade Fair in Bogotá, Columbia.

IDIS was one of only three vendors willing to submit their technology for the public Video Security Product Hacking event and defeated all attempted attacks.

Cyber-threats to surveillance

According to the company, there has been growing concern about the vulnerability of surveillance systems to malicious hacking in recent months, with several high profile breaches.

The broad nature of current cyber-threats was reflected in the ten attack types featured in the tests:

  • identification and enumeration of devices
  • port and service scanning
  • software vulnerability analysis
  • penetration testing
  • brute force testing
  • network protocol analysis
  • man-in-the-middle attack testing
  • denial of service (DoS) testing
  • privilege escalation testing
  • data security testing

The IDIS NDAA-compliant products subjected to attacks by professional ethical hackers were an IDIS DR-6516P 6500 series H.265 4K recorder and an IDIS 4K vandal-resistant IR dome camera (DC-D4831HRX).

IDIS led the industry in recognizing the importance of cybersecurity, and from the early days of IP video we built in the strongest, multi-layered defenses against hacking attacks and other cyber-threats,” said Joon Jun, President of the Global Business Division and Senior Executive Vice President of the company.

“With growing awareness of the risks associated with network surveillance systems and the vulnerabilities posed by some other brands, we continue to invest in the most robust protection to give our users complete confidence as demonstrated by this public testing at the ESS+ event.”

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