i-PRO unveils NX Recorder Series

NX Recorder Series

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i-PRO has confirmed the launch of its i-PRO NX Recorder Series.

The professional network video recorders (NVRs) are high capacity, secure recording solutions which boast remote monitoring features and no yearly licensing requirements.

i-PRO NX Recorder Series

According to the company, the NX Recorder Series is ideal for medium-sized businesses that require ‘serverless simplicity and cost-effective installation and maintenance’.

The new series offers flexible channel expansion and also provides connectivity with a wide range of camera brands.

It also includes three different models and an additional extension unit for flexible, stable and secure operation.

Its built-in remote monitoring feature allows security professionals to watch over premises from any location from a browser or mobile device.

In addition, the new NVRs allow customers to store significantly more video footage with support for up to 18TB hard drives per slot for a maximum capacity of 972TB.

“A breakthrough in video recording technology”

“The i-PRO NX Recorder Series represents a breakthrough in video recording technology, offering unmatched storage capacity, accessibility and security features,” commented Bill Brennan, President, i-PRO Americas.

“We are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge products that ensure their data remains safe and accessible.”

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