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2N launches new IP answering unit


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2N has unveiled its new IP answering unit – the 2N Clip.

The new solution is designed to meet the demand for IP technology in mid-range residential projects.

2N Clip

The 2N Clip runs on the same operating system as the company’s premium IP products.

It also offers many similar advantages, such as top quality audio and video which enhances home security.

Not only does it feature other high standards in cybersecurity and sustainability, the company says that the 2N Clip is also the fastest answering unit on the market to install.

Michael Nicholson, Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland, 2N said: “IP technology has transformed access control, enhancing both security and convenience.

“But in the residential sector, there has been a common perception that IP technology is only affordable in high end, luxury projects.

“The 2N Clip completely up-ends that idea and will help deliver 2N’s mission to bring the benefits of IP technology to every type of home.”

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