Honeywell invests in Trinity Mobility to help expand smart cities capabilities

Smart cities

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Honeywell has announced a strategic investment in Trinity Mobility Private Limited, an India-based software company and provider of internet of things (IoT) Smart Cities platform and software applications.

This investment will allow Honeywell to potentially expand its smart cities capabilities by providing access to Trinity’s Smart City solutions, which integrate information from various systems across a city in a common interface and allow operators to better assess, operate and manage the city’s connected infrastructure.

Together, Honeywell’s and Trinity’s smart cities solutions aim to help make cities safer and more liveable for citizens while helping customers manage and reduce their emissions.

Honeywell’s investment

This strategic investment, which is structured to provide Honeywell with a path to full ownership of Trinity, will allow Honeywell to more fully partner with cities that are expanding their smart city deployments or integrating new systems.

Trinity’s capabilities match Honeywell’s technologies for smart cities and global expertise in delivering integrated solutions for mission critical systems.

Smart Cities IoT solution

The Smart Cities IoT solution – the Honeywell City Suite – can seamlessly aggregate information from traffic, environment, parking, emergency services, safety and security, and utilities – among other areas – in a unified view.

In addition to enhancing the efficiency of cities, these solutions can also be applied to, large planned residential communities, university campuses and large industrial communities and retirement communities that want to provide a more connected living experience.

George Bou Mitri, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Building Technologies (Middle East, Turkey and Africa), remarked: “Many of the world’s cities, including within the Middle East, are facing significant operational and sustainability challenges stemming from urbanisation, such as unexpected crises, infrastructure issues, environmental and safety concerns, and the expanding needs of citizens.”

“The combined capabilities of Honeywell and Trinity can allow cities of all sizes across the region to improve services and provide a better experience for their citizens. In addition, the data generated from these technologies can help improve cities’ ability to plan, helping create a more hospitable and liveable environment for its citizens.”

Trinity Mobility

Founded and based in Bengaluru, India, Trinity creates software solutions that help manage large, complex installations like those needed for smart cities. Honeywell and Trinity have worked together for more than five years to deploy multiple smart city projects, including the New Administrative Capital of Egypt and Faridabad in India.

Honeywell’s investment will allow it to expand the reach of its smart cities capabilities to additional international markets.

M Ashok Kumar (Mak), Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trinity, commented: “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Honeywell to offer customers a complete technology solution for the complex integrations that are needed to create a truly smart city.”

“Our combined expertise and Smart Cities IoT platform provide tremendous connected opportunities for smart city solutions globally for both existing and emerging cities to meet their sustainability and productivity goals as well as create a more engaging citizen experience.”

Smart Cities

According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, compared to 55 percent today. Factors such as overcrowding, traffic congestion and security concerns are driving the market for intelligent solutions and investment in smart city technologies.

A big focus of these investments is in sensors, IoT, security and cloud-based platforms that can capture and analyze and provide real-time information and insights that can boost safety, security and energy efficiency.

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