Hikvision reveals six impressive safety upgrades for small businesses


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Hikvision has announced a ‘security kit’ for small businesses. The kit – featuring ‘cool security technologies’ – makes enterprise security and access control features available to small businesses at an affordable pricepoint, reducing workloads and costs and speeding up incident responses.

Parker Li, Director of Marketing Planning Department at Hikvision, says: “This package of savvy technologies is helping small businesses everywhere to maximise their security and reduce related workloads and costs. What’s more, they are giving business owners the freedom to monitor security from anywhere, giving them peace of mind when they can’t be on site.”

Key benefits for small businesses

Hikvision’s newly launched portfolio of ‘cool security technologies’ offer six key benefits for small business owners and managers:

Remote access control at all times
Which allows business owners or managers to open doors remotely using our Hikvision MinMoe face recognition terminal. This allows them to control access for employees, suppliers and other visitors – from any location, all via a mobile device. Small businesses can also use our MinMoe terminal as a cost-effective contact-free time and attendance solution.

Automated trespass alarms, with no false positives
Which uses AcuSense-enabled cameras to differentiate between people and vehicles and other moving objects like falling leaves or heavy rain. This allows business owners and managers to minimise false alarms to lower costs and to focus their efforts on responding faster to real security threats.

Light and sound alarms to warn off trespassers
AcuSense Live-Guard solution uses light and sound alarms to deter trespassers before they enter a business location. Business owners or managers can also record customised audio messages to broadcast over the security cameras to further increase security.

Clear, full-colour video recording, even in near-total darkness
Hikvision’s ColorVu technology gives small and medium businesses full-colour imaging, even down to 0.0005 lux, which is the equivalent of starlight on a moonless night. Full colour images provide far more detail, making it easier to identify perpetrators and increasing the quality of evidence for later use.

Simple set-up and management for security cameras and alarms
The AX PRO series of indoor and outdoor wireless alarm detectors are natively integrated with Hikvision cameras. This pre-integration means that business owners or managers can set up security solutions extremely quickly and easily and manage them from a single console, with no need for separate systems for alarms and cameras.

Mobile security monitoring, wherever you are
By installing Hik-Connect on their mobile devices, business owners and managers can monitor alarms and footage from all connected Hikvision devices in their system. In this way, they can get full access to real-time video feeds, event notifications and more – whether they are at home, or lying on a beach on vacation.

To discover more about Hikvision’s ‘security kit’ of cool security technologies for small businesses, please visit www.hikvision.com  

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