HID and Olea redefine access control and authentication       

HID and Olea access control

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HID, a global company in trusted identity solutions and Olea Kiosks, a pioneer in self-service kiosk solutions, have joined forces to transform the user experience in access control and user authentication across diverse applications.

The collaboration introduces the integration of HID’s U.ARE.U Camera Identification System, renowned for its remarkable facial recognition technology (FRT), into Olea’s innovative HYPERMODULAR Kiosk.

This partnership, as explained by both companies, aims to provide unmatched security and user convenience in various sectors including: Healthcare, hospitality, retail, banking, government, transportation and beyond.

Facial recognition technology: A game-changer

HID‘s U.ARE.U Camera Identification System is at the forefront of this collaborative effort, featuring advanced facial recognition technology that addresses the increasing demand for flexible, customisable ID authentication and verification.

Benefits of HID’s FRT

Fast and Accurate Verification:

  • On-the-spot verification authenticates and validates an individual’s identity in seconds, reducing wait times in line

Ease of Use:

  • One look is all that’s required to securely capture a facial image, providing frictionless identity verification


  • Biometric traits offer irrefutable proof of identity, minimising the risk of fraud


  • The face becomes the ID card, PIN and password, eliminating the need for physical cards or passwords

No Human Intervention:

  • This seamless technology requires no dedicated staff for ID checks

Contactless and Hygienic:

  • Facial recognition offers a touchless method for authenticating identities, reducing health risks by minimising shared touchpoints

Features of HID’s U.ARE.U

  • Top NIST ranking for matching performance and accuracy
  • Ethically trained with AI to reduce matching bias
  • ‘In-the-Wild’ recognition, ensuring precise capture and authentication regardless of environmental variations
  • Robust presentation attack detection (PAD) against spoofs
  • Strong security and privacy with on-device (Edge) biometric processing
  • Easy configuration for faster deployment and return on investment (ROI)

A flexible solution

Olea’s response to market demands for flexible, customisable kiosks led to the development of the HYPERMODULAR Kiosk.

Apart from housing HID’s leading facial recognition camera, the kiosk design can accommodate various peripherals, including fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners, ticket and ID document readers, RFID readers, card printers and more.

Applications across industries

The collaboration between HID’s facial recognition and Olea’s kiosks presents numerous applications for reliable self-service check-in and authentication across industries, including:

  • Retail & hospitality: Hotel self-check-in, self-checkout/face pay, theme park ticketing and customer identification
  • Banking: ATM verification and customer identification
  • Healthcare: Patient check-in, registration, insurance/ID card scanning, telemedicine services and payment collection
  • Airport and border crossing: Passenger self-check-in, bag tag printing, VIP lounge access and security and immigration checkpoints

According to both companies, the partnership between HID and Olea signifies a significant leap in user-centric access control and authentication solutions.

By combining advanced facial recognition technology with a highly adaptable kiosk design, the collaboration is poised to redefine security and user experience standards across a spectrum of industries.

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