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HID receives awards for its ePassport project

HID receives awards

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HID’s Bahrain ePassport project has gained global recognition, receiving awards such as the London Design Awards, the High Security Printing Award and the iF Design Award.

HID stated that these honours underscore the project’s innovative approach to security design, which integrates advanced security features with cultural and aesthetic elements.

HID’s innovation

According to the company, the design of the Bahrain ePassport introduces an innovative feature: The world’s first document-embedded hashtag, #teambahrain.

This feature not only highlights digital proficiency but also represents national unity, illustrating the company’s ability to seamlessly blend modern digital elements with traditional security measures.

Craig Sandness, Senior VP and Managing Director for Citizen Identity, HID commented: “Our design philosophy is centred around seamlessly weaving security into the fabric of the document’s design.

“The Bahrain ePassport is a prime example of this approach, where innovation meets artistry.

“This is not just our success; it’s a shared victory with our Bahraini partners, local artists and calligraphers.

“Together, we’ve crafted a document that is as secure as it is symbolic of Bahrain’s rich heritage.”

“The future of identity documentation”

Recognition for the company‘s work on the Bahrain ePassport includes Gold awards in various categories at the London Design Awards, such as Service Design for Government, Cultural and Best User Experience.

The collaboration between HID, Bahraini authorities and local artisans exemplifies HID’s dedication to incorporating local culture into its security designs.

This collaboration not only enhances the document’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its significance among citizens, demonstrating HID’s commitment to developing identity solutions that respect and celebrate cultural heritage.

Sandness concluded: “As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Bahrain ePassport, we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation.

“We invite governments and organisations worldwide to join us in this journey of creating secure, innovative solutions that pave the way for the future of identity documentation.”

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