ASSA ABLOY’s acquisition of ALCEA for critical infrastructure solutions

ASSA ABLOY's acquisition of ALCEA

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ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has announced the adoption of ALCEA as its primary brand for critical infrastructure solutions.

Founded in France in 1995, ALCEA SAS brings extensive experience in the security solutions industry and became part of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions in 2022.

“ALCEA exists to protect critical infrastructure globally”

This rebranding initiative signifies the company’s commitment to establishing ALCEA as a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions for critical infrastructure worldwide.

Stephanie Ordan, Executive Vice President and Head, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions commented: “When critical infrastructure such as energy, water, telecom or transportation is interrupted, societies can’t thrive.

“ALCEA exists to protect critical infrastructure globally and ensure businesses and people can continue to feel safe and operate uninterrupted.”

By integrating products, solutions and services from ASSA ABLOY, ALCEA, ABLOY and third party vendors ALCEA aims to bolster ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ reputation as a trusted partner across various strategically important industries globally.

This strategic move to elevate the company as the primary brand for critical infrastructure offerings ensures a focused messaging approach with a distinct identity.

The brand remains dedicated to maintaining and enhancing service levels for customers, with a heightened emphasis on tailored security solutions.

Ordan added: “Our critical infrastructure offering has traditionally consisted of solutions provided by ABLOY.

“As part of this shift, we’re incorporating ABLOY solutions under the ALCEA brand, which will further strengthen our position and allow us to deliver an even broader range of high quality services to our customers.”

Enhancing security and operational efficiency

ALCEA’s sector specialists draw on their expertise to offer tailored solutions and products to industries such as water, energy, telecoms, transportation, mining, oil and gas.

This includes digital security solutions like access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, key management and video management.

These flexible solutions can be customised to serve as a comprehensive security package or integrated into existing systems, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

Jorma Issakainen, Senior Vice President and Head of Critical Infrastructure, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions concluded: “As we move towards a future where nearly seven out of ten people will live in cities by 2050 and digitalisation becomes pervasive, the standards for critical infrastructure protection are rising.

“In a rapidly expanding market, currently valued at over $136b, the demand for innovative solutions is greater than ever.

“That’s why we need to be at the forefront of delivering safe solutions for tomorrow’s needs, something we will continue doing under the brand name ALCEA.”

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