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Flagship digital signage project brings dynamic advertising solution to security company in Cyprus


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In order to promote its brand and services in a more effective and engaging way, Piperaris Security deployed a large Hikvision LED wall outside its building and interactive display panels in its showroom.

The challenge: making a splash with digital signage in Cyprus

Piperaris Security has been providing market leading security solutions for its customers since 1993. The company has two showrooms, a laboratory and a management and monitoring centre as well as warehouses for materials and accessories in Limassol and Nicosia. They provide services all over Cyprus.

In order to communicate their messages effectively to the audience, and to attract as many visitors as possible to its showroom, Piperaris wanted a solution that would bring an immersive visual experience and seamless customer experience to their audience.

Telemachos Kosmetsas, IT Manager and Brand Manager for Hikvision Digital Signage products at Piperaris Security, said: “Thousands of cars pass by our premises every day, and we wanted to make good use of our building façade to attract even more customers and prospects with a major LED installation on our external wall. We also needed to equip our showroom with the latest interactive LED displays and other digital signage solutions to provide an immersive and hands-on customer experience.”

The solution: deploying a flagship digital display with major advertising impact

To make a splash with its new digital signage offerings, Piperaris planned a major LED deployment – both inside and outside its showroom.

With support from Hikvision, the company has deployed a 20 square metre, curved Hikvision LED digital display on the external wall of its showroom and offices. This installation incorporates 7 square meters of the latest transparent LEDs, which gives staff and customers an unobstructed view from the showroom’s windows, while also allowing natural light into the building.

“It’s a unique project locally, both in terms of the curved contour of the LED wall, and our use of transparent LEDs, which are virtually invisible from inside the building, while displaying video content when seen from outside,” says Piperaris Security’s Kosmetsas.

In addition to the external LED wall, Piperaris has deployed 4K Interactive Display panels from Hikvision inside its showroom. The 4K resolution, along with the product’s anti-glare, fingerprint-resistant and strong light-blocking features, not only improves image details, but also ensures a great display effect.

“We have digital displays and video walls for a range of functions, from scheduling meetings in the meeting room, to tracking our vehicle fleet and checking our CCTV feeds,” says Kosmetsas. “We use these screens and displays to demonstrate these innovative capabilities to our customers, showing them exactly what each solution can do and the potential benefits for their business.”

The benefits: information made available to customers in the most convenient and engaging way

Piperaris’ building façade is now transformed into one immense promotional medium for sending messages to the public without sacrificing natural light or compromising the building’s structure. The messages on the LED wall can easily get the attention of pedestrians and vehicles even if they are passing by at a good distance from the building. “The Hikvision LED wall gives us more visibility, which translates to more customers visiting the showroom,” adds Kosmetsas.

The Interactive Display Panels installed in the showroom help attract customers’ attention, influence their purchase decisions, and build an engaging and memorable customer experience. “With our latest products and solutions demonstrated in rich, dynamic detail, our customer engagement levels have been improved, and the selling process has become much more straightforward,” Kosmetsas continues.

“With Hikvision’s advanced commercial display products and Piperaris’ consultancy, deployment and support capabilities, customers can now receive a better and more consistent experience.”

With the added value to their operations, Piperaris does not worry about energy costs, thanks to the energy efficiency of the Hikvision LED and digital signage products. “With such a large number of LED products in our showroom, we need to be sure that our energy costs are always manageable,” concludes Kosmetsas. “With the Hikvision solutions, we can achieve this, and we can also assure our customers that they can deploy these solutions cost-effectively in their own businesses.”

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