First ever hospital deployment announced by Kepler Vision Technologies


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Kepler Vision Technologies has recently announced a partnership with Belgian medical device company Innomediq.

The partnership – which sees UZ Brussel (University Hospital Brussels) use Kepler’s Night Nurse technology – will result in enhanced safety and wellbeing for elderly patients.

The Kepler Night Nurse (KNN) solution is a computer vision-based body language detection system able to detect falls, patient discomfort and when patients have entered areas they are not supposed to. In response, it instantly notifies care staff so that they can respond quickly, minimising the chance of harm for clients.

For example, if an elderly person falls in the night, the AI powered KNN image analysis program will immediately identify when they are on the ground and send an automated message to staff member alerting them to assist.

Kepler’s deployment with UZ Brussel marks the first time the solution has been used in a hospital setting and the next step in Kepler Vision’s international expansion outside of its home country of the Netherlands; this has been made possible by Belgium-based patient monitoring provider Innomediq.

At present, Kepler Night Nurse is in use monitoring nine, one-person rooms with ongoing tests to determine the optimal work procedure for 2 double rooms within the hospital.

Dr Harro Stokman, CEO and Founder of Kepler Vision, said: “This is an extraordinarily exciting period for us at Kepler Vision as we see our cutting-edge patient monitor solution employed in a hospital for the first time.

“Since the first successful application in a care home environment, we were aware of the wider applications and benefits our technology could provide other medical and healthcare adjacent facilities and organisations, so to see this in practice marks an important next step for us as a business.

“Our work with UZ Brussel is also an important component of our international expansion, as we continue to bring the benefits of the Kepler Night Nurse solution to care staff and patients around the world in 2023.”

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