Sales Director at Codelocks announces plans to focus on integration and collaboration


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Joanne Milne-Rowe, Codelocks’ newly appointed Sales Director, has confirmed that the company is extending its expertise to businesses who want to integrate Codelocks NetCode Technology into their solutions.

This new initiative will see Codelocks collaborate with businesses that need to provide timed access to buildings, lockers and storage facilities to integrate the algorithm-based access control locks within their product offering.

With over twenty-five years architectural ironmongery experience and a previous chair of the Institute of Architectural Ironmongers (IAI), Milne-Rowe has been promoted to Sales Director after six years at Codelocks,

She said: “For a long time, Codelocks was seen as stand-alone access control locks but as the company has evolved, we have had customers ask us to help them solve the challenge of allowing people to access their particular product in a seamless, easy to maintain way.

“We’ve applied our extensive knowledge of access control mechanics to meet these challenges in a creative way to provide Codelocks Integrated Solutions.

The companies integrating Codelocks into their solutions benefit from the company’s innovative NetCode technology which uses an algorithm to generate a time sensitive code for a set period ranging between an hour to a year, with single or multiple uses.

The proprietary technology allows the solution provider to manage access via an app or online portal. No WiFi connectivity is needed to operate the battery-powered, standalone locks, so customers can access facilities wherever they are.

To find out more about Codelocks’ integrated solutions and NetCode, visit:

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