Fingerprints introduces new biometric solution

Fingerprints - Smart´Nroll

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Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints), a prominent biometrics company, has unveiled Smart´Nroll, a revolutionary enrolment device designed for the seamless registration of fingerprints on biometric payment cards.

“As smooth as tapping to pay”

Smart´Nroll allows end-users to quickly and securely register their fingerprints on payment cards within a minute, offering the flexibility to enrol at their convenience and location.

Adam Philpott, CEO, Fingerprints commented: “Over the last ten years we have been perfecting the functionality of the biometric payment card.

“The overall experience of the cards starts with the first interaction, so it is essential the enrolment process is just as smooth as tapping to pay.

“We’re pleased to have created a device that makes enrolment as smooth, convenient and secure as the payment card itself.”

Smart´Nroll supports both ‘at-home’ and ‘in-branch’ enrolment, providing a commercial enrolment solution suitable for large-scale launches of biometric payment cards.

The device is compliant with all biometric cards supporting STPay-Topaz-Bio, a solution previously unveiled by Fingerprints and STMicroelectronics.

Fingerprints prioritises security

Designed for new biometric payment card users, Smart´Nroll powers the payment card during the registration phase.

The device guides users through the enrolment process with a self-explanatory display, prompts and a progress bar accessible in multiple languages, accommodating the global nature of commercial launches.

Smart´Nroll prioritises security, ensuring that no personal fingerprint data is stored within the device, aligning with the privacy standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The device boasts compatibility with a unique re-use bank program, a replaceable battery and compliance with various card configurations.

In April 2023, the company celebrated a significant milestone, having shipped over one million fingerprint sensor modules for the biometric payment card industry.

The introduction of Smart´Nroll, according to Fingerprints further underscores its dedication to advancing the biometric payment card landscape.

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