Facial recognition software utilised by police in Colombia

Facial recognition software

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The National Police of Colombia has selected a new facial recognition software partner.

Herta will partner with the Police in the city of Medellín.

Facial recognition software provides rapid identification

The company’s facial recognition software will enable rapid identification of people wanted by the justice system in various situations.

Both parties anticipate that this will translate into an effective tool to fight crime and improve security.

According to Herta, its technology will make it possible to identify individuals who present legal requirements.

This will optimise resources and also save time during police operations.

Strategic deployment

The Mayor’s Office has subsequently commissioned the deployment of 80 facial recognition cameras, located at strategic points in the city, public transport and more.

These cameras have access to an integrated database that contains profiles and facial identification comparisons of 19,000 people with current arrest warrants.

The implementation of the technology reinforces the commitment of the National Police of Colombia to improving security in the country.

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