DeterTech launches DTNet security network


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DeterTech has introduced the DTNet security network, a remote monitoring solution designed for site and asset protection.

This temporary site security option is now available for rental in Germany and the Netherlands.

DeterTech: Remote monitoring solution

The DTNet security network is a fully integrated system that combines DeterTech’s PID 360 visually verified video intruder detection devices with the newly launched DTSentinel CCTV tower.

According to the company, this flexible solution can be deployed in any combination of units to meet the specific needs of individual customer sites.

The DTSentinel tower and PID 360 devices collaborate to maximise camera and sensor coverage, incorporating features that the company intended to deter criminals and intruders.

These features include night time tower floodlighting, PIR-triggered spotlights and loudspeaker warnings at the point of intrusion.

Upon detecting a potential intrusion, the PID 360 immediately transmits activation signals to the DTSentinel tower, providing an additional high-definition viewing angle as long as the intruder remains on site.

“Site security and asset protection”

Real-time monitoring of all activations is securely managed by trained operators in DeterTech’s BSEN50518 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is operational 24/7/365.

DeterTech says this allows the team to visually verify all activations within 60 seconds of detection before promptly escalating suspicious activity to a pre-agreed list of keyholders, mobile security response or law enforcement.

Franz Scherer, Managing Director – Europe, DeterTech explained: “Our innovative security network is the logical next step in site security and asset protection.

“The pairing of the PID 360 with our CCTV tower eliminates possible blind spots and truly leaves criminals with nowhere to hide.”

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