New predictive AI set to shake up physical security industry


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SoloInsight, a cyber-physical security identity management Software-as-a-Service company, announced its latest strategic partnership with Davista and its predictive AI, Heimdall.

Heimdall is a unique platform that analyses corporate security data to predict harmful risks before they happen and then prescribes the best way to prevent them.

SoloInsight President and CTO, Farhan Masood, said his company plans to use Heimdall to enable its CloudGate platform to detect anomalies in workforce identity compliance, visitor access and space management behaviour.

“We are energised by the partnership with Davista and the opportunity to leverage their artificial intelligence engine,” he said.

“Davista’s machine learning algorithms will look for critical trends, patterns and anomalies in the CloudGate data gathered from disparate systems and then help it proactively mitigate risk across all facets of our workforce.”

According to a 2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report, almost 88% of businesses reported a dramatic increase in physical security events compared with 2021 and about 84% feel unprepared to address these issues going forward.

It also concluded that these incidents are likely to increase in the coming years as organisations remain primarily reactive and inconsistent.

“Soloinsight has been evaluating the application of artificial intelligence in the physical security domain for some time,” said SoloInsight CEO, Carter T. Kennedy.

“Engaging with a strategic partner who has algorithms with years of training on similar datasets, ensures that our customers will accelerate the value they receive from CloudGate while reducing their overall identity risk profile.”

“This partnership enables us to help more customers, faster,” said Davista CMO, Scott Sieracki. “The complementary offering of SoloInsight and Davista is a win-win-win situation, combining their large datasets and software with our machine learning algorithms. We’re excited to see how the combined platform exponentially increases our impact on security events and operational costs.”

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