Paxton employees begin fundraising for Mind in Brighton & Hove


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The Sussex based technology manufacturer Paxton have partnered with the charity Mind in Brighton & Hove, to raise funds for those suffering from mental health issues.

Paxton manufacturer smart security systems and have their headquarters based in Sussex where they were founded in the mid nineteen-eighties. Each year the global manufacturer’s employees go to the vote and decide on a Paxton Charity of the Year. Throughout the year they support that charity by undertaking a variety of fundraising initiatives to help maximise funds. You can support their efforts on Paxton’s JustGiving page.

Kate Hotson, Project & Events Manager at Paxton, organises the charity initiative for the company’s employees to take part in. She explains: “Supporting local charities means a lot to us at Paxton as our people are keen for fundraising efforts planned throughout the year to help our local community.

“We have all been through an extra ordinary time in the last couple of years and we still don’t know the long-term effect of the pandemic on people’s mental health, so supporting Mind in Brighton & Hove and raising awareness about mental health issues can only be a good thing.”

Originally opening its doors in 1971, Mind in Brighton & Hove is affiliated with the national brand but is funded independently as a regional service. They rely on businesses like Paxton to help them reach the fundraising goals they need to support the amount of people they work with each year. Throughout 2020-2021 the charity supported 11,752 people across the county of Sussex.

Jodie Wallis is the Director of Operations for the charity and has been for the last ten years. She explains: “Our clients come from a range of different backgrounds. Everyone is affected by mental health in one way or another, whether it is us directly or the people we care about.

“We are quite a small charity and don’t have a dedicated fundraising department. Working with companies like Paxton enables us to continue achieving our mission of helping our community and raising awareness about mental health. It is great to be working with a local company supporting our community.”

Last year Paxton’s Charity of the Year was The Clocktower Sanctuary, which are a charity that support homeless youths in Sussex. Like Mind in Brighton & Hove, the charity was chosen by Paxton employees and together they raised over £5000. This was achieved by Paxton people taking part in a Paxton’s Around the World Challenge, where they travelled 53,709 miles combined to 33 countries where Paxton have offices. 

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