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Celebrating the Dahua HDCVI Technology tenth anniversary


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The tenth anniversary celebration of the Dahua HDCVI Technology has successfully culminated.

To wrap up the company’s HDCVI special, Dahua spoke with two important people behind the development of the HDCVI technology over the years: Mr. Chen Zhongfu, General Manager, Product Marketing Department of Domestic Business Center and Mr. Ye Hao, General Manager, Product R&D Department, HDCVI Product Line of R&D Center.

Hello, Mr. Chen! We all see that HDCVI has been innovating and leading the development of the industry over the past decade. It has also gained recognition from global customers and international markets. As the operator of HDCVI products during the golden decade, can you tell us how the HDCVI technology constantly leads and achieves technological breakthroughs?

It is the market’s affirmation of HDCVI technology and customers’ recognition of HDCVI products that have greatly inspired us and convinced us that the development of this technology and related products is the right path.

Over the past ten years, we have always been customer-centric. We adhere to our primary goal in product development, which is to provide better user experience, and let technology upgrading create value for customers.

In terms of product performance, we continuously break the technical bottleneck of the industry and improve user experience. For example, for video resolution, we broke the bandwidth limitation of coaxial cable transmission, which improved the image resolution from 720P and 1080P to 4K real-time, providing the ultimate HD video experience. At present, coaxial 4K real-time remains as Dahua’s unique technology.

Another example is audio over coax. Although we have already released coaxial audio products as early as 2015, in order to achieve clearer audio quality and improve data collection, we developed a unique audio coding technology to upgrade analog audio over coax to digital audio over coax, realising broadcast-level audio output. In terms of coding performance, we have released a new coding technology called AI Coding which is based on AI intelligent analysis. The coding efficiency is significantly better compared with traditional H.264 and H.265, which greatly reduces storage space and storage costs, and does not lose the image definition of key targets.

In terms of product application, we focus on researches related to user’s business scenarios to address the needs of our customers in actual scenarios. To provide more image details and to identify more accurate information at night, we have developed the full-colour camera, which can provide 24/7 clear colour videos in various environments. To meet customers’ requirements related to intelligent analysis and key target recognition, we have developed a series of AI-enabled XVR products and AI functions such as SMD plus, perimeter protection and more.

These products and functionalities offer accurate identification of human/vehicle targets, reduce false alarm rate, and lessen manpower and material investment in security monitoring. In addition, the quick search function based on AI also greatly improves the efficiency of video search. To address the needs of users to predict and deal with dangerous situations in advance, we have integrated multi-dimensional sensing technology and developed the TiOC series.

It transformed video monitoring system from post-event verification to pre-event early warning, effectively protecting the safety of both users and their properties. We always believe that the purpose of technological development is to let users enjoy the benefits brought by technological innovation. The ten-year development of HDCVI technology is inseparable from our users.

Behind HDCVI’s strong technological innovation capability, there must be an excellent R&D team right?

Our amazing HDCVI team has been with us for 10 years, mainly because of their great passion, love for HDCVI technology and products, and strong friendship with each other. In this team, more than 70% of people have been engaged in the development of HDCVI products for more than five years. Their firm trust and continuous support have created product stability and reliability.

This team also has the strongest fighting spirit. They have won excellent team awards for ten consecutive years. I believe that such a team is bound to bring more surprises to the market and customers in the future.

This question is for Mr. Ye – its 10th anniversary is an important milestone for HDCVI and a new starting point for acceleration and development. Can you tell us what kind of development does HDCVI has in store for the future?

The biggest driving force for future business, whether in the past, at present or in the future, must come from the needs of the market and customers. At present, the scale of the demand for coaxial systems in the global market is still large, which is our biggest driving force to move forward. In order to better meet the urgent demands of customers, the product team will continue to work with our utmost capability to go deep into customers’ business scenarios, provide scenario-based solutions, effectively solve customers’ pain points and improve customers’ application experience.

Technology development is another factor that drives our business forward. On the technology route of coaxial HD, Dahua has always been the leader, and we plan to keep it this way. Under our new corporate strategy ‘Dahua Think’, we will continue to improve the collection and sensing capability of cameras and deepen the intelligent application capability of recorders.

We’ll provide customers with more value related to coaxial smart IoT solutions. Through continuous technological innovation and development, we’ll create greater value for partners and provide end users with more exciting IoT monitoring operation and intelligent application experience.

The HDCVI technology is a shining trump card of Dahua’s independent innovation. It shows the world the strong technical strength and social responsibility of Dahua. Over the past decade, we have made coaxial HD popular in the market. In the future, we will continue to exert every effort to accelerate the upgrading of coaxial applications to a new AI era.

If you missed the Dahua HDCVI tenth year anniversary online event, you can watch the recording here.

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