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Dahua eco-friendly cameras protect sea turtles

Dahua Helps Conserve Sea Turtles Using Eco-friendly Cameras

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Sea turtles are ancient sea creatures that have been roaming the earth for more than 100 million years, reports Dahua.

They are unique aquatic animals that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in our oceans.

They help conserve sea grass beds and coral reefs, manage the jellyfish population in the ocean and transport important nutrients to other living organisms under the sea.

Unfortunately, the future of sea turtles is hanging in the balance due to irresponsible human activities and lifestyles, including excessive use of artificial lights on beaches where sea turtles lay their precious eggs.

Artificial lights discourage nesting female sea turtles from coming onto the beach to lay their eggs.

It also disorient the hatchlings and disrupt their ability to find the sea from the beach.

Aligning camera operations with the nesting season

Keeping nesting beaches dark and safe for sea turtles has been a prevailing challenge around the world.

To address this issue, Dahua developed a customised a firmware for its select cameras to enable the white-light illuminators to be turned on or off by month, avoiding disturbance of sea turtles and allowing environmentalists, researchers and beach authorities to align camera operations with the nesting season of these sea creatures.

Through this solution, users can customise the illuminator schedule each month, ensuring that artificial light minimally interferes with nesting turtles and their hatchlings.

It redefines coastal conservation by providing technology that harmonises security with nature.

These intelligent cameras offer a balanced approach, providing security for beachgoers and properties while preserving the darkness necessary for the nesting sea turtles.

Dahua products flexibly adapt

Dahua constantly adheres to its global commitment to help conserve the environment and natural resources.

The company provides products and solutions that can flexibly adapt to various locations.

Thanks to Dahua’s customised firmware on select cameras, beaches can remain dark and without distraction from artificial lighting during sea turtles’ nesting season.

It enables installers and end users to embrace Dahua’s wildlife-friendly technology and contribute to the global effort of preserving these ancient mariners.

Together, we can guarantee that our coastal regions remain sanctuaries for nesting sea turtles, proactively preserving the beauty of nature for everyone.

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