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Dahua showcases 2023 sustainable development initiatives

Dahua team - advocating for sustainable development

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Dahua Technology has revealed how it has actively contributed to the sustainable development of people and the environment through its charitable donations and Tech for Good initiatives this year.

According to the company, it has made a difference in various fields including green energy, education, healthcare and more.

Sustainable development

In 2023, Dahua successfully joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative together with thousands of companies around the world, which is says demonstrates its unwavering commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Dahua claims that it has a strong sustainable development advocacy in building a green low-carbon community by integrating sustainable practices with digital intelligence, including smart environment protection, smart traffic management, smart energy, smart building, smart education and safe production.

Dahua’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitment also mainly revolves around sustainable development practices while integrating digital intelligence.

The company’s 2022 ESG report highlights its efforts in reducing its carbon footprints, as well as its significant contribution to green operation and sustainable development through green products, green manufacturing, green logistics and green living.

In terms of energy conservation, the Dahua Park was successfully upgraded with smart electricity system that saves up to 1,389,800 kWh of electricity every year.

Photovoltaic power stations were also installed to generate clean energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Protecting wildlife and biodiversity is also an integral part of its advocacies for sustainable development, Dahua says.

Over the years, several projects were developed and implemented by Dahua to help monitor and protect natural resources.

One notable example is Dahua’s wildlife-friendly security cameras equipped with customized firmware that enables white light illuminators to be turned on or off by month to avoid disturbance during sea turtles’ nesting season.

Other successful projects include an intelligent gibbon monitoring system that monitors gibbons in a protected reserve, 24/7 forest fire monitoring for a vast mountainous area, intelligent fire inspection and monitoring system for a photovoltaic power station and thermal video monitoring solution to detect illegal fishing activities on a major river system.

Empowering educational institutions

In 2023, Dahua says that it donated several units of Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboards to many learning institutions around the world, enhancing their teaching efficiency and creating a more interactive classrooms.

International School on the Rhine (Germany): This international private school received a Dahua DeepHub unit to help them further improve their teaching methods and enhance their students learning experience.

Asociación Sí Puedo Los Alamos (Spain): Located in Madrid, this special education center that supports students with intellectual disabilities benefits from the Dahua DeepHub unit donated by Dahua Iberia, which enables them to personalize their activities related to adaptive skills and allows them to further improve their teaching approach.

Montfort Youth Centre (Malaysia): This charitable educational institution located in Malacca, Malaysia, was also gifted with a Dahua DeepHub unit.

It significantly elevated the level of teaching in their school that helps promising and talented youths from impoverished families, receiving positive feedback from both teachers and students.

Food drives

To support Dubai’s “1 billion meals” initiative in 2023, Dahua MENA provided numerous free meals to people who have been away from their homes for a long time and have been working under harsh outdoor conditions.

Together with their families, volunteers from the local subsidiary personally distributed the 2,600 packed meals to those in need to enhance sustainable development.

In addition, charitable donations were also made to community groups in need of social care in other Middle East and North African countries.

The company says that Dahua MENA launched the “Dahua Master Installers Challenge” on TikTok, combining recognition and rewards for exceptional installers with charitable donations to aid families and children in the Middle East.

Dahua has also donated to The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt – a distinct healthcare institution focused on children’s well-being – and other vital NGOs and organizations.

The Dahua UK team also held a Home Baking Event in support of Breast Cancer Now charity, wearing pink clothing in the spirit of the UK’s “Wear It Pink” campaign.

This fundraising event aims to raise awareness and funds to help those affected by breast cancer.

“The year 2023 has witnessed Dahua’s steadfast commitment to fulfill its social responsibilities while integrating digital intelligence in its sustainable initiatives and practices,” the company said in a press release.

“Moving forward, Dahua will continue to pioneer into the future with proactive approach towards sustainability in order to help reduce carbon emissions and create a greener society, together.”

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