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Corsight AI partners with OneMind Technologies to enhance security in smart cities


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Corsight AI has announced a partnership with OneMind Technologies, a subsidiary of Affluence Corporation and a specialist in hypervisors for smart industries, to support the development of safe smart cities across the globe.

Recently recognised by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) as a leading provider for proactively reducing bias, Corsight AI delivers Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) that allows for ethical and accurate biometric detection, prioritises data privacy and significantly reduces the chance of false positives.

Its advanced AI-powered solution is set to integrate with OneMind hypervisors, which provides operators with a holistic picture of real time smart city performance, to boost security in smart environments and expedite incident remediation.

With the global smart city market value predicted to surge by 2030, these connected environments and the technologies that power them have been found to be able to reduce crime by 30%–40%.

The partnership between OneMind and Corsight AI is an example of how IoT integrations can support police forces with increased intelligence to identify and fight criminal behaviour and protect the community. OneMind’s recently launched Hypervisor SVI, for example, integrates Number Plate Recognition, Vehicle Registration and Corsight’s Facial Recognition solutions to support police departments in response to carjackings.

“We are excited to be partnering with Corsight,” commented Stephane Eyme, CEO of OneMind Technologies.

“Our partnership adds great value to the offers of both companies. Our goal is to make OneMind Technologies the industry standard for Hypervisors for Smart Cities providing real time performance management. This collaboration will enhance the capabilities of both companies and add security solutions to our platform to broaden our reach.”

For more information on Corsight AI or OneMind Technologies, visit their websites.

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