KL15 KitLock: The new mechanical lock released by Codelocks


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Codelocks has recently unveiled their KL15 KitLock, a mechanical, keyless access solution which is suitable for a range of locker and cabinet applications.

The KL15 KitLock

Joining the other products on the KitLock range, the KL15 is designed for personal use both indoors and outdoors and is also fitted with an anti-vandal handle.

The user can set their own, unique four-digit code and change this as often as they wish. The code is entered using the four wheels (which allows for up to 10,000 unique combinations) and the red and green indicators denote whether the locker is ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’.

Additionally, in case of a forgotten code the KL15 also features a code retrieval function which allows the user to determine the combination with a code finder key.

Codelocks’ Managing Director, Colin Campbell, stated: “Our new, affordable KL15 mechanical lock is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, robust and keyless access solution.”

“It’s been tested in high and low temperatures, in dry and humid conditions, and has also been salt-spray tested – so it will perform well in a wide range of environments.”

“It’s affordable, stylish and especially designed for anyone that wants to provide keyless access to a locker or cabinet for one person, or for a group of individuals who are able to share a single code.”

The KL15 is straightforward to install and can be either surface or flush mounted, making it suitable for storage solutions within the home, as well as education and workplace environments.

When surface mounted, the ergonomically designed trim plate also acts as an easy grip handle allowing effortless opening.

For more information on Codelocks’ KL15 KitLock, visit: www.codelocks.co.uk/kl15-kitlock-mechanical-combination-lock

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