Clarks consolidates end-to-end cybersecurity estate with Check Point Software


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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a provider of cybersecurity solutions globally, has announced that Clarks, a world-renowned shoe company, has overhauled its complete cybersecurity posture to a consolidated approach with Check Point Infinity Unified Management, Harmony, Quantum and CloudGuard solutions.

This was especially important during the pandemic when Clarks had to rapidly scale up security to seamless VPN access to corporate networks and resources, as people began working from home. Clarks was able to improve security, gain better visibility and simplify management, while saving costs by eliminating several other vendor solutions.

Clarks is a global shoe manufacturing and retail company with more than 1,400 stores in 75 countries. With a complex IT network across manufacturing, distribution, retail and the ever-increasing rise in cybercrime, Clarks took a proactive approach to secure its networks against the next generation of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Previously, the complexity of management across multiple solutions had made maintaining and managing policies significantly more difficult. 

When a new in-house IT team came on board, Clarks adopted a consolidated end-to-end strategy with Check Point Software’s Infinity architecture for more robust security functionality, simplified management and better visibility over its security architecture.

“We already had a great relationship with Check Point Software and that made our decision easy. We opted for Check Point Quantum Security Gateways as they allow us to consolidate and simplify our security operations,” said Dan Fletcher, Network Service Manager at Clarks. “We now have increased the overall level of protection, while also reducing the work needed to manage security policies and rules by more than 50%.”

“The URL filtering has been especially useful. It detects and prevents web access security events and SSL inspection technology scans and secures SSL/TLS encrypted traffic,” explained Paul Davey, Infrastructure Service Specialist at Clarks. “As a result, we were able to eliminate seven internet proxies we were using around the world.”

“It’s fantastic to see that Clarks has chosen our solutions for its security overhaul, gaining not just simplified management and better threat prevention and visibility, but improved cost efficiencies too,” said Ian Porteous, Regional Director, Security Engineering, UK&I at Check Point Software. “Clarks’ infrastructure now has state-of-the-art protection against known and unknown cyber-attacks and threats and the automated security functions that will reduce the time to identify and remediate threats, allowing the team to make decisions more quickly and efficiently.”

Check Point Software consolidated Clarks’ security infrastructure to provide automated defences across its organisation. Clarks also gained full protection against all kinds of cyber-attacks, even the most sophisticated fifth generation (Gen V) attacks that are multi-vector.

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