BriefCam unveils innovative analytics and architecture upgrades

BriefCam - analytics and architecture

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BriefCam, a leader in intelligent video analytics, has unveiled its latest release, BriefCam 2024 M1, a comprehensive video analytics platform technology designed to meet the evolving needs of organisations and communities.

BriefCam’s solutions

Packed with multi-site management features, new analytic capabilities, enhanced deployment architectures and expanded VMS integrations, the 2024 M1 follows the launch of the company’s streamlined hardware and software solutions, BriefCam in a Box.

Among the new products introduced with 2024 M1 is BriefCam Nexus, catering to multi-site businesses.

This platform allows organisations to consolidate video intelligence from various locations into a single view, enabling centralised alert management and enhanced business intelligence aggregation.

“Data-driven business insights, decisions and results”

Dana Keren, Vice President of Product, BriefCam stated: “BriefCam Nexus transforms the way multi-site businesses develop strategies to positively impact several locations.

“By segmenting and analysing aggregated data from multiple branches or sites, business leaders are more empowered than ever before to deliver data-driven business insights, decisions and results.”

BriefCam Nexus not only provides comprehensive business intelligence and data visualisation but also translates video surveillance data into meaningful impacts for enterprises.

With centralised alerting for cross-site situational awareness and aggregated business intelligence, organisations can make informed operational decisions, such as understanding customer experiences and visitor traffic trends across different branches.

Delivered in a Hub and Spoke architecture model, BriefCam Nexus offers a complete suite of video analytics, making video surveillance searchable, actionable and quantifiable.

The technology seamlessly integrates with the company‘s pre-configured, bundled hardware and software offerings, known as BriefCam in a Box, providing optimised performance through pre-configured and tested integrations at an affordable price.

The 2024 M1 release introduces flexibility to implement BriefCam software without facial recognition or by limiting capabilities to the platform’s forensic REVIEW module.

This allows organisations to align with international and evolving regulatory needs while ensuring comprehensive and accurate analytics for video search, alerting and data visualisation.

“Translate video into positive business impact”

In addition to expanding its VMS integrations, 2024 M1 introduces new capabilities, such as Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (VMMR), which enhances video search and alerting by identifying vehicle make and model based on an extensive list of vehicle brands, types and colours.

Keir Hoppe, CMO, BriefCam concluded: “BriefCam remains committed to its mission of empowering communities and companies of all sizes to translate video into positive business impact.

“With BriefCam Nexus, BriefCam-in-a-Box, software versions and responsible use practices that align to regulatory compliance and our ever-expanding suite of integrations and analytics that comprise our comprehensive solutions approach to the market, we demonstrate our continued evolution and innovation to extend the value and reach of our intelligence across multiple industries and segments within those industries.”

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