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Bosch enhances operational efficiency at Warsaw Chopin Airport


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Chopin Airport in Warsaw, named after the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, recently underwent an acoustic technology upgrade with the installation of Bosch Building Technologies’ Praesensa system.

This signifies a notable improvement in information and music transmission at the airport.

Benefiting operators, passengers and ground staff

Boasting advanced loudspeaker technology and high automation levels, the new system ensures sharp sound quality and clear voice transmission, benefiting operators, passengers and ground staff alike.

The Praesensa solution from the company serves as the foundation for the new passenger information system.

Utilising LS1-OC100E-1 hemi-directional ceiling loudspeakers and LC1-UM12E8 built-in loudspeakers, the system precisely addresses passengers at each gate with outstanding intelligibility.

Integrating a text-to-speech solution from a third-party provider enables automatic retrieval and synthesis of flight details, such as flight number, airline, destination and boarding information, delivered in Polish, English and other available languages.

This innovation significantly reduces the workload for airport staff.

Bosch increases efficiency and quality

The urgent need for modernisation arose due to the limitations of the old analogue system, where information was often lost in unclear audio and manual announcements were time-consuming.

The integration of the Praesensa system into the existing infrastructure at Chopin Airport was seamless, streamlining installation and garnering enthusiasm for its efficiency and quality.

The system’s scalability ensures adaptability for future developments and requirements.

Józef Bycul, Project Manager, Bosch Building Technologies remarked: “Chopin Airport now has a state of the art public address system.

“The fact we could build on the existing IP infrastructure significantly reduced the amount of time for the installation work.”

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