Biometric solution integrated to enhance security for Dubai smart office

Biometric solution integrated to enhance security for Dubai smart offices

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A biometric software solutions developer has successfully completed an integration project at a smart office in Dubai, UAE.

RecFaces recently made an announcement on its website, confirming the successful deployment of its Id-Gate facial recognition system at the contemporary iSpace offices.

The implementation of this cutting-edge technology aims to enhance security measures and provide a convenient experience for both employees and visitors.

The iSpace offices provide a variety of flexible workspaces accompanied by an advanced IT infrastructure that grants access to cutting-edge services. To enhance convenience, Inex Digital’s mobile app has been utilised, allowing workers to remotely manage office-related activities such as reserving workspaces.

The collaboration between RecFaces and Inex Group ensures that this technologically advanced experience prioritises both security and comfort for all individuals involved.

According to RecFaces, its Id-Gate solution has ‘enriched iSpace’s access control and management systems at the entry and exit points with biometrics’.

Read the full announcement here.

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