Sustainably sourced bamboo credentials unveiled by HID

Sustainably sourced bamboo credentials unveiled by HID

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A leader in trusted identity solutions has unveiled its unique new credentials – made from bamboo.

A sustainably sourced alternative to PVC, HID’s new credential is part of its Seos security solution and is the first in a range of physical access security Eco Cards being released by the company.

With sustainability a major priority for businesses and organisations across the globe, the new credentials will be a favourable, eco-friendly alternative to plastics.

Supporting “a more eco-friendly value chain”

According to HID, the bamboo is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), providing an assurance that the material comes from ‘responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.’

“Our journey to offer alternative options to plastic cards and badges began ten years ago with the introduction of HID Mobile Access – a first in the industry,” explained Martin Huddart, Senior VP and Managing Director, Physical Access Control, HID.

“Seos Bamboo offers an additional option for sustainability within the physical access ecosystem, as it supports a more eco-friendly value chain in areas where physical access cards are still required.”

To find out more information about the new Seos Bamboo card, click here.

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