Axis unveils new edge analytic application

Axis - analytic application

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Axis Communications has unveiled a new analytic application that combines 180° radar detection with 180° panoramic multisensor images.

This integration aims to enhance situational awareness while minimising false alarms, particularly beneficial for monitoring large open areas.

Axis’ solution

The company‘s application boasts accurate detection capabilities, identifying individuals up to 60 metres (200 feet) away and vehicles up to 85 metres (280 feet) away.

Known as AXIS Radar Data Visualizer, the application enhances the functionality of Axis panoramic multisensor cameras by utilising radar data for precise detection and classification of unauthorised individuals and vehicles.

The application processes radar data to generate visual overlays within the camera feed, allowing for customisation.

These overlays can trigger various events, such as activating lights, alarms or camera recordings when objects cross predefined virtual lines in the camera’s view.

Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with compatible panoramic cameras to provide 180° coverage without blind spots.

Key features

  • Improved situational awareness with reliable 24/7 detection
  • Detection range of up to 60 metres (200 feet) for individuals and 85 metres (280 feet) for vehicles
  • Comprehensive 180° coverage without blind spots
  • Event triggering based on radar data

Utilising radar technology, this analytic application ensures cost effective operations and accurate detection.

It offers area and line crossing detection capabilities, enabling event triggering when objects enter specific areas or cross virtual lines in predefined directions.

Additionally, it can display vehicle speed in the visual overlay.

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