ASSA ABLOY introduces Intelligent Key Cabinet from Medeco

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ASSA ABLOY has announced the introduction of Medeco’s Intelligent Key Cabinet (IKC), a complete key access control and storage solution. Ideal for keys and other assets that require a high level of security and accountability, the IKC is an electronically controlled steel cabinet that requires Biometric Fingerprint, PIN, or Prox Card authentication (optional) for access. Authorised users have access to only specific keys stored in the cabinet. The IKC electronically keeps a record of key removals and returns, by whom and when.

IKC is also an essential addition to the Medeco XT Intelligent Key system: it can simultaneously secure and charge Medeco XT electronic keys, ensuring they are always ready for use. For optimum efficiency, an optional add-on programming device allows updates of schedules and access rights to XT keys while they are secured in place.

“Any key system is only as secure as access to the keys themselves,” said Gene Cronin, Medeco Product Manager, ASSA ABLOY. “With the IKC, facilities can not only control access to keys, but track when keys are removed and returned. Imagine no more chasing down keys – always know who took a key and when. It can even capture a photo of the person removing the key. Add the convenience of charging and programming XT Intelligent Keys and it’s plain to see that no other key management system offers the efficiency and accountability of the IKC.”

The IKC secures mechanical keys and assets using exclusive iFob technology. XT Keys are secured using a locking XT charging port. Designed for maximum scalability, Medeco’s IKC is available in 32 or 64 port sizes. 32 port cabinets can be configured to store either all XT or all iFob ports. 64 port cabinets can be all XT, all iFob, or a combination of 32 XT plus 32 iFob. The IKC system can grow as business needs grow by adding on additional secondary cabinets in either 32 or 64 port sizes and in a combination of technologies (iFob or XT).

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