APS Electro-Fence solution delivers cost savings for client


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Innovative technology from Advanced Perimeter Systems (APS) has saved one of its clients a significant amount of money.

Before utilising Electro-Fence, the US-based client was spending $1500 per weekend on personnel.

Electro-Fence: An affordable, effective solution

Whilst security was vital for the client – having lost over $40,000 as a result of weekend theft – a guarding team was an unnecessary and unsustainable expenditure.

To specify a more cost effective and permanent solution, the client approached APS.

The company recommended Electro-Fence, a system which operates at a fraction of the cost of its weekend security services over the space of a year.

It also meant the client was protected 24/7, during the week as well as the weekends.

Since installing an APS Electro-Fence, the site has been incident free.

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