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Zenitel introduces next generation IP Speakers series


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Zenitel, a provider of intelligent critical communication solutions, has announced the launch of five, Next-Generation, IP Speakers that provide intelligent two-way communications and allow users to hear, be heard and be understood in any situation.

“IP speakers as an important part of public address systems are essential for mitigating security and safety challenges, especially in demanding environments,” says Lars Paulsson, EVP for Safety and Security at Zenitel. “We are excited and look forward to see in how many different ways this next generation series of IP speakers from Zenitel can create value for our customers.”

Zenitel’s new line of IP Speakers includes:

Ceiling Speaker, ELSIR-10CMThis IP56-rated ceiling speaker is built for indoor use and is great at blending into the environment. A concealed, built-in microphone enables access to intelligent audio features, while maintaining a clean speaker design. This full range speaker allows for broadcast of voice messages and background music.

Horn Speaker, ELSII-10HMThe Horn speaker is perfect for perimeter and asset protection.​ The design and frequency response of the speaker allows the user to deliver voice messages over distances.​ Its robust, IP67-rated design makes it a great outdoor solution.

Long Horn Speaker, ELSII-10LHMThe Long Horn speaker delivers communication in large areas especially where speaker placement is challenging. ​As with the standard Horn speaker, the Long Horn speaker is perfect for perimeter and asset protection.​ Its robust, IP67-rated design makes it a great outdoor solution.

Cabinet Speaker, ELSII-10WMThis IP67 rated Cabinet speaker is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. ​It is wall mounted and special consideration has been given to the aesthetics, which allows the speaker to blend with ease into its environment. It is perfect for both broadcasting voice messages and background music.

Projector Speaker, ELSII-10PMThis IP65-rated Projector speaker is a bi-directional speaker that is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.​ It enables good coverage in areas such as corridors, halls, walkways and rail platforms where ceiling speakers cannot be installed.​ It offers the perfect mid-point between the dispersion and coverage of a horn speaker with the aesthetic design offered by a cabinet speaker.

Each new speaker incorporates Zenitel’s superior audio technology, to provide interactivity, integration and clear communications.

Some additional highlights of the new series include:

  • Built-in microphone for ambient listening and talk-back functionality
  • Automatic volume control
  • A built-in amplifier that reduces the need for cabling
  • Flexible zoning, to ensure that each speaker can be addressed alone, or grouped to form larger zones

Zenitel’s use of open standards such as SIP, Multicast and RTP streaming enables easy integration and its three modes of operation – SIP, IC-EDGE and ICX-Alphacom – allows users to scale to current and future needs, from standalone systems to enterprise grade solutions.

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