New x-ray diffraction scanner unveiled by Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection

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Smiths Detection has confirmed the release of its SDX 10060 XDi solution.

The new x-ray scanner – which is powered by diffraction technology – offers highly accurate material discrimination and substance identification based on an object’s molecular structure.

Smiths Detection’s SDX 10060 XDi

According to Smiths Detection, the SDX 10060 XDi is well suited to detecting constantly evolving compounds in powder, liquid or solid forms.

By automating the resolution of potential explosive alarms, the company’s new solution is capable of improving both security and efficiency.  

“We are immensely excited to announce the launch of the SDX 10060 XDi which marks a new era in security screening,” said Jerome de Chassey, President, Smiths Detection

“Every minute of every day our threat detection and security screening technology helps to protect people and infrastructure and this new development highlights our commitment to making the world a safer place.

“X-ray diffraction will futureproof operations for a large variety of sectors and we are proud to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of future threat detection,” de Chassey added.   

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