VP of Corporate Security at Moderna joins Alcatraz AI Advisory Board

VP of Corporate Security at Moderna joins Alcatraz AI Advisory Board

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A leader in autonomous access control has recently confirmed the appointment of Dean Geribo.

Geribo, Vice President, Corporate Security, Moderna has joined Alcatraz AI’s Advisory Board at a time of great growth for the company.

Currently, Geribo also serves as an Advisory Board member for Base Operations, the Board of Executive Protection Professionals, HiveWatch and RaySecur.

“A tremendous asset to the Alcatraz AI team”

Geribo is head of Moderna’s Corporate Security Department and is responsible for global physical and technical security, insider threat assessment and intelligence as well as brand and executive protection.

Tina D’Agostin, CEO, Alcatraz AI commented: “Dean is going to be a tremendous asset to the Alcatraz AI team. With his extensive background in corporate security and insider threat assessment, his years of experience will help advance our mission to accelerate the adoption of facial authentication and AI-based security to create safer spaces in Life Sciences.

“His expertise will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and provide the most secure facial authentication solution to our customers.”

“With the rise of bad actors and evolving physical security risks, solutions like Alcatraz AI can be a game changer in how organisations look to harden their defences and improve security,” said Geribo.

“Both the ease in which the Rock [Alcatraz AI’s flagship device that combines facial biometrics, AI and machine learning] can be deployed and the sensitivity of the devices make it best in class, which is why I wanted to join Alcatraz AI as an Advisor.

“The team is phenomenal and understands the needs and opportunities within the access control segment and are creating a platform to scale with the industry.”

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