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VIVOTEK protects Chumash Casino Resort with upgraded security solutions


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The Chumash believe they have a special responsibility to provide restorative hospitality to their guests. In Chumash culture, it is unforgivable to let a visitor who is tired, stressed or depleted leave their home without making every effort to restore that guest. Simply providing food and shelter is not enough. It is their obligation to transform their guests so that they can leave ready to face the challenges of their journey. Delivering restorative indulgence is their way of repairing body and soul, which defines Chumash-style hospitality.

At the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, California, this belief includes the security of their guests which, in recent years, has needed an upgrade.


Security concerns in and around the property had become a challenge. The goal for the Chumash Casino Resort was to replace an ageing interior/exterior analogue surveillance system that was failing and to provide upgraded picture resolution as well as remote viewing. This included installing new IP-based cameras and NVR storage devices.


After using a varied selection of VIVOTEK network cameras for their own larger surveillance system, the Chumash Casino Resort opted to go all-in with VIVOTEK products when tasked to replace an analogue surveillance system by the Tribal Halls Tribal Administrator. They installed a mixture of 21 VIVOTEK cameras connected to the VIVOTEK 32-CH NVR, the ND9541. The outcome not only met, but surpassed their goal of replacing the older system, resulting in them utilising the “all VIVOTEK” format when asked to do the same thing at their Tribal Clinic months later.

The Chumash Casino Resort utilises 14 FD8166A-N ultra-mini IR fixed dome cameras in the interior of the property due to its compact size, easy installation, invisible IR design and great picture quality. On the exterior of the property, the casino chose to install five FD8367A-V fixed dome network cameras due to its vari-focal lens, 30-metre IR and IP66-rated housing. All the cameras and ND9541 H.265 32-CH Embedded NVR are connected to a AW-GEV- 264B-370, a VivoCam web smart-managed PoE switch, to provide an easy-to-manage surveillance system with remote and mobile access capability.

The FD8166A-N ultra-mini IR fixed dome network camera has a tiny diameter of only 90 mm. Due to its compact, intelligent design, the FD8166A-N is an ideal indoor surveillance solution that suits a wide variety of applications such as retail, offices, boutiques and other public areas.

Equipped with a 2MP full HD sensor-enabling viewing resolution of 1920×1080 at 30 fps, the FD8166A-N can capture high-definition images whether in high contrast or low light environments by deploying WDR Enhanced and SNV technology. When combined with VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II technology, the FD8166A-N reduces both bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 50%, while retaining the same superb image quality as a full HD camera.

Furthermore, armed with 940nm IR illuminators, the FD8166A-N can see up to six metres in total darkness. As an all-in-one camera, the FD8166A-N is designed for easy installation and equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, making setup both quick and simple. The FD8367A-V fixed dome network camera is specifically designed for diverse outdoor applications, with a 2MP sensor enabling a viewing resolution of 1920×1080 at a smooth 30 fps.

Dynamic and highly adaptable, the FD8367A-V is an all-in-one camera capable of capturing high quality video at high resolutions of up to 2MP, even in low light environments. The FD8367A-V features VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II technology, allowing the camera to optimise image quality for desired regions, thus ensuring maximum efficiency of bandwidth usage and savings of up to 50% on bandwidth and storage requirements.

In order to adapt to constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions, the FD8367A-V features a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 30M for superior image quality around the clock. For protection against harsh outdoor environments, the camera is encased in a weather-proof IP66-rated housing, making it impervious to rain and dust. The robustness of the FD8367A-V is further strengthened by the adoption of a rugged IK10-rated housing.

The AW-GEV-264B-370 VivoCam web smart managed PoE switch is part of the AW-GEV Web Smart Series that combines powerful web smart managed features with graphic view functions to provide better functionality and usability. The single AW-GEV Web Smart series allows users to find all network devices and deploy a network system automatically. In addition, embedded surveillance features Graphic Views, such as Topology View/Floor View/Map View for managing, controlling and understanding network structure and device status, as well as Google Map integration to view system status for outdoor applications. The device status and traffic monitoring functions also help users clarify and troubleshoot any connection or device issues. The AW-GEV Web Smart series is ideal for delivering management simplicity, a better user experience and lowering total cost of ownership.

VIVOTEK’s ND9541 is the brand new H.265 Linux-based embedded standalone NVR. Equipped for up to 32-CH network cameras, the NVR features well-built ONVIF compliant and scalable configurations. The NVR also supports remote and mobile access via VIVOCloud and the iViewer app, available for both iOS and Android handheld devices, providing users an open, flexible and intelligent NVR for seamless use in small to medium sized video surveillance applications.

Furthermore, all these devices are connected to VIVOTEK’s VAST 2 video management software, empowering users to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease.

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