Vidisco unveils portable x-ray system for accurate live ammunition detection


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A provider of portable x-ray detection solutions for armies, security forces and law enforcement agencies has unveiled an innovative new system.

Vidisco has specifically developed the Guardian to enable detection and neutralisation of various types of ammunition in the field. Recently, elite units in the IDF used the system in the north of Israel to locate and neutralise Russian ammunition found in the field, while maintaining full protection of the forces.

Used in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions, the Guardian provides an accurate, high resolution image of the exact condition of the ammunition and its contents, from a safe distance of hundreds of metres, at the push of a button.

Accurate imaging is enabled even where the ammunition has a thick metal casing or is located behind a wall or inside a vehicle. The compact, portable x-ray system can be deployed and operated even in harsh environments, and all-weather conditions.

“In recent years, there have been many changes in the threat landscape and priorities in the global field of bomb disposal,” said Ohad Milo, CEO, Vidisco. “Conventional threats were overtaken by improvised munitions, dirty bombs and explosives – mainly due to the rise in activity of various terrorist organisations around the world in general and the threat of ISIS in particular.

“Then, more recently, the Russia-Ukraine war changed the landscape again. We are now seeing a return to traditional ammunition with clear characteristics – such as rigid casings with high wall thickness.

“Therefore, there is a need for technologies capable of penetrating tens of millimetres of steel, but simultaneously able to accurately assess softer technical parts and the presence of chemical substances.

“As a world leader in its field, Vidisco has developed a unique system that answers this need. With one push of a button, the bomb disposal team receives an accurate analysis and situational picture that penetrates the explosive device’s thick, hard parts and provides a sharp, accurate image of relevant areas of interest.

“Vidisco’s systems are currently deployed worldwide and provide a critical tool for bomb squads for mission success in complex events.”

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