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Viakoo addresses range of cybersecurity challenges


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Viakoo, the security industry’s only provider of service assurance and IoT applications management solutions for physical security systems, marks the end of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October with insights from three industries that are familiar with addressing cybersecurity challenges. 


Data centres have a unique position in today’s business landscape, enabling companies to quickly scale their computing and data processing resources to match operational needs. They also present a particularly attractive target for cybercriminals, because of the density of the valuable customer and business data they hold and because of their importance to continuing operations.


“As a hyperscale colocation provider, we are responsible for protecting our customers’ most valuable data assets, so we are dedicated to data centre security leadership,” said Mike Wiley, EVP Security Operations at Switch. “Businesses and governments are continuing to digitise essential services and we know the best way to protect these services is to maintain a combination of cybersecurity awareness and always-on security systems.”


Data centres are not the only cybersecurity target. The rise of networking connections into physical security systems that were not networked in the past provides new attack surfaces – and new opportunities – for security integrators to reduce risk and improve security for their end users. Historically physical security systems were always stand-alone in nature to protect them from tampering. Today, many of these systems are networked to provide remote management functionality and with this change, the systems are now vulnerable to attack.


“Physical security systems have become a target for cyber criminals,” said Dan Dunkel, Managing Director for Managed Security Services Practice at PSA Security Networks. “Cybersecurity awareness, new forms of managed services and having a digital connection with their customers are how our members are addressing end user demands that their physical security systems are protected against hackers and resilient to attacks. That’s why we’re seeing more security requirements being spelled out in RFPs and bids.”


Networking has also enabled new functionality in a wide range of organisations, including government, churches and residential housing. Schools, for example, have gained valuable benefits from implementing broad network access for administration and students – and are more aware than ever how that connectivity must be protected.


“In an educational setting, networking creates new learning opportunities for students, powers sharing information and supports administrative and facility functions,” said Guy Grace, Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness, Littleton Public Schools. “Balancing our desire for an open, collaborative culture with our need for effective cyber protections drives our need for strong automated security systems, processes, procedures and high cybersecurity awareness across our user communities.”  


“No matter what industry our customers call home, the common thread is the growing need for cyber protections,” said Bud Broomhead, Chief Executive of Viakoo. “Cyber criminals misuse our global network infrastructures, hampering the many productive and positive uses of these systems. Viakoo provides automated service assurance tools for cyber compliance and maximising security, but security also depends on the vigilance and alertness of staff, users and even the general public. We salute the founders of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and strongly support increasing awareness across the broadest possible populations.”


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