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Vertiv unveils free tool for data centre planning and design

Vertiv unveils free tool for data centre

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Vertiv has introduced a new tool to simplify the configuration of prefabricated modular (PFM) data centres, now available in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The Vertiv Modular Designer Lite, a user friendly web-based application, is designed to streamline the process of creating Vertiv SmartMod and Vertiv SmartMod Max solutions tailored to specific user requirements.

Vertiv’s software

The company’s Modular Designer Lite offers a range of features to improve the customer experience.

It proposes solutions based on user inputs, catering to both technical and non technical stakeholders.

Users can effortlessly design all in one data centres up to 200kW without needing a technical background.

Viktor Petik, Vice President for the Integrated Modular Solutions business, Vertiv commented: “The Vertiv Modular Designer Lite empowers users to effortlessly design their own data centres, tailored precisely to their needs.

“With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, this tool represents a significant step forward for early planning of modular data centre design.”

Meet user’s specific needs

The tool doesn’t require logins or software downloads, enabling users to select from various optional configurations and design their modular data centres in just minutes.

Configurations within the app are customised to meet each user’s specific needs and geographical location.

By incorporating inputs such as site location, weather data for precise cooling equipment sizing, IT load requirements, rack specifications, battery backup considerations and electrical topology preferences, the app enables optimal customisation and redundancy planning.

The app supports both 2D and 3D visualisations, allowing users to save configurations for future reference and quick modifications.

“Reducing time and costs”

Siniša Stojanoski, DCCS BU, X86 Specialist, SEE from Dell Technologies added: “I have personally utilised this tool online during customer discussions, effectively exploring and presenting diverse design alternatives.

“Its intuitive interface and robust features provide a streamlined solution for designing modular data centres, enabling customers to visualise their configurations effectively and make informed decisions, reducing time and costs.”

Users can access essential technical documentation and communicate directly with Vertiv experts throughout the process.

The company’s experts can further enhance the initial design using an internal, advanced version of the Vertiv Modular Designer, unlocking additional features to optimise the solution based on site conditions, expected performance or desired security levels.

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