Veridos equips Luxembourg Airport with EES-compliant registration systems


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Veridos has been commissioned to equip Luxembourg’s international airport with registration solutions for the new European border control system EES (Entry-Exit System). The order includes self-service pre-registration kiosks, mobile pre-registration solutions and biometric acquisition units for security booths.

The European Union’s new entry-exit system is scheduled to start in May 2022 and will help to make the entry and exit of third-country nationals simpler, more transparent and more secure. People from third countries will have to register with their fingerprints and a facial image when entering the Schengen area. The biometric data will be stored together with information from passports in the central EES. This will eliminate the need for time-consuming manual stamping of passports and enables an automated passport verification. Thus, the system provides reliable data on border crossings, avoids identity fraud and detects forged travel documents as well as illegal immigration by revealing overstayed visa.

As part of the EES, Veridos, a global provider of identity solutions, will equip the Luxembourg Airport with registration technologies, including a self-service eKiosk system that allows travellers to pre-register themselves before proceeding to the screening booths. The eKiosks capture the fingerprints of travellers, take facial images and read passports. They also guide travellers with a menu through questions about their destination, length of stay and additional members of their parties.

As a unique self-service registration system for travellers, Veridos‘ eKiosk is ergonomically designed and adapts to various heights of travellers (including wheelchair users) through the automatic adjustment of the integrated biometric devices, e.g. to capture full face images. With special security technologies, the eKiosks offer protection against so-called spoofing – i.e. fraud attempts using photographs, videos, masks or fake fingerprints. A built-in monitoring software allows officials to control multiple kiosks from one supervisory workstation. This enables them to check the correct use of the eKiosks.

In addition to the eKiosks, Veridos will equip Luxembourg Airport with mobile registration systems and biometric acquisition units. The mobile solutions are special tablets for capturing fingerprints and facial images, which officials can use to pre-capture passengers‘ required biometric data. The biometric capture units will be used in airport screening booths, giving border officials the ability to repeat a registration if necessary, or to register passengers who are asked to manually register in the booths.

“We are very proud to have won the tender to equip the international airport with EES-compliant registration systems,“ says Andreas Räschmeier, CEO of Veridos. “This project once again demonstrates the great future viability of our innovative solutions. With them, authorities and countries can meet new regulations and requirements at an early stage.“

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